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Cyprus! A favourable jurisdiction to companies, individuals and international trusts.

Cyprus, a Member State of the European Union, has been an important
centre for trade and commerce since antiquity.
The small but dynamic country has a long established reputation as
a “Centre of Excellence” for international business activities
and retains a unique cluster of expertise in various industry segments.

Cyprus Company may make an awe-effective solution with minimal
risks for a company that buys, sells or invests abroad.Moreover, for a company which operates in e-commerce, or is a service provider or conduct triangular trade, shipping or shipping company or crew management company but also if it retain copyright / property etc. 

Cyprus boasts an impressive list of double tax treaties

 Along with a favourable tax system these treaties can be fundamental to tax planning and the establishment of a business.
In addition, Cyprus offers impressive infrastructure for businesses and a legal system based on English common law.

 Cyprus living and working environment is unique!

Since Cyprus is a beautiful island, has an excellent climate, low criminal record,
large foreign community and infrastructure to support such a cluster including a good number of foreign speaking schools.
Both air & sea connections and communications are excellent. Greek is the official language however English is widely spoken.
There is availability of high skilled workforce mastering other languages.

 Types of corporate entities

Form a company in Cyprus can take the form of a private or public limited
liability companies by shares and companies limited by
guarantee which are all incorporated pursuant to the Cyprus
Companies Law. A company may also take the form of a European
public limited liability company, more commonly known as Societas
Europaea or SE, or a partnership or a Cyprus Branch of an overseas company.

Cyprus International Trusts are widely used for as an efficient tax planning vehicle


Register a Company in Cyprus

This is a clear and simple process. Contact us for further information.

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